Carbon fins
The dbSub fins are made with European carbon fiber of the highest quality. These fibers are handmade arranged in slides with different densities, depending of the type of work that supports the blade in different.
In order to the movement of the blades provide the most efficient... [+]
Fins blades 100% carbon from 152,00.- €
Neoprene suits

dbSub suits are made with Daiwabo neoprene of the highest quality and durability. All the elements are brought together by the adhesive based on neoprene, thereby avoiding the need of seams. All finishes, including the wrists and ankles are finished with reinforced Neoprene to increasing

Can be ordered as extras, strengthening elbow and knee, also Pissete... [+]
Wet suits from 237,00.- €
Juan José Lorenzo Feria
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